Tales From My Sleep Number Bed

It’s been an insane last month. Believe it or not. I’ve been insanely busy with small children. Good because it’s my field, bad because I have been too busy to do anything that isn’t work related. ┬áThere have been lots of changes in the land of the not quite right, the least of which is all of the changes. We are still chasing down the cause of all of my elusive health issues. I am once again down with something for the second week in a row. I finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotic that I am so hoping will kick the ass of whatever it is that I’ve managed to catch. Cross your fingers.

In the meantime, we once again went to the Mothman Festival in beautiful Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It was a good trip with me and the Ex-Best Buy guy and Wee Geek and Mamaw. We didn’t hear any speakers this year, but we went on the tour of the TNT area which was highly enlightening. We learned a few new things and we got to see what it was really all about. And by that I mean that I got some great new ideas for the Mothman book. Which encourages me to get the zombie book done. Yep, I have lots of time for that. NOT. Maybe in a month my life will free up a little and I can start doing what’s important again. I hate when work takes over my life and I can’t do the things that make me feel alive.

The Ex-Best Buy guy has been somewhat utilizing his not working time. He has been doing some straightening up projects and little fix it things. Our room is slowly shaping up. We found an old poster that will be going into a new frame and get hung up. Maybe the steamer trunk will actually get converted. ┬áHe’s in a tizzy and named a mission so maybe some things will get done.

Wee Geek is doing well. He loves his new job and he’s actually truly happy for the first time since he came back in my life. There have been little seconds of happiness here and there. But he is truly happy and very proud of himself. He’s doing things that the asshole that is his father had him convinced that he couldn’t do. He’s doing it on his own which is huge steps for him. I’m super proud of him.

In other news, Ex-Best Buy guy is on a paranoid streak because he’s been watching too much news. There is a down side to his unemployed status. I try to keep him busy so the paranoia doesn’t run too awfully rampant. He’s already amping the security system. It is a little frightening. Well, dear readers, cross your fingers.