Book signings and mall people

It’s been a long holiday season. Halloween was busy and Thanksgiving was it’s usual nightmare. The third printing of “Dead Souls” is still hanging about so if you haven’t gotten one, there is still hope for you.

So I’ve had several interesting things happen. I went to see John Elder Robison author of “Look me in the eye” and “Be different” speak in Indy in November. It was awesome. John is a typical Asperger’s guy in a lot of ways, but once he gets to talking, he is extremely full of wonderful personal experience that he truly enjoys sharing.  The very best part of John’s talk was that he was willing to talk to people forever afterward and share all of the pictures from concerts and circuses that he had taken and put on his Ipad.  He also took a copy of “Dead Souls” and read it on the plane back to DC with a tiny Facebook shout out to your favourite autistic zombie girl.

Then there was the general and usual nightmare of Thanksgiving that I barely circumvented by threatening to go to a hotel to write uninterrupted all day if the Best Buy guy didn’t act at least a tiny bit sane. This tactic seems to have worked well I may try it again in the future. Maybe as early as Christmas. Of course I had to laugh when I told my husband I was going to a hotel because of how crazy he acts and he said that the wee geek was invited. Imagine my son was invited for a holiday celebration. Wow! It was almost as if he wouldn’t have been invited to begin with. Alas, the wee geek was at his girlfriend’s for Thanksgiving.

So things went smoothly for a little bit even though we can’t seem to get the asshole ex back to court yo do his part for wee geek. Just like always for him. If he’s not getting anything from it (mainly collecting half my pay check) then he doesn’t want to deal.

So onward we march. I have done two events at our local mall in the past couple of months. So I’ve been people watching quite a bit. It’s interesting. Seems about 80% of the traffic in the mall consists of mall walkers and older people just leaving church. Not much market for zombie books. However we are seeing some efforts to once again nurture our little art community here in dipshitville. At least this time we are seeing some interest in other creative arts not just traditional paint and canvas and jewelry. We’ve had local authors and musicians, too. Which when we are talking about nurturing creative communities we must talk about all creative input, not just what we think of as traditional creativity. Art is so many things and without the wonderful brains of artists, our lives would be very boring indeed.

NaNo is finally over and this year’s 50,000 words proved to be very difficult even with the improvement of having the Scrivener software. I also had 3 complete days of being as sick as a dog that did nothing to help my word count at all. The ideas that I generated about how things were going to go in this new novel definitely evolved and the editing and complete rewriting will really be fantastic I think. It went in a little different direction than I expected, but I’m still excited about the possibilities of it.

Back to mall watching. I know that we all must pay our dues in getting things off the ground, but it sometimes makes me very grouchy. I did technically make my booth rent, but it was very hard to sit still for two days and take that much time out of writing or finishing Christmas up.  I am trying to think if it as getting the AutieZombieGirl brand out there. The Best Buy guy is very confused about the idea of branding in general. I just realize that you must have something to gear the business itself. Hence AZG has been born.

We also had to run a new car down to the wee geek on Thursday. His blew up and we bought a new one from my in laws. Well an old one, but new for him. It was a huge hassle and a never ending series of unfortunate events. The first occurred about an hour and a half into the trip when I made the mistake of running into a gas station bathroom to pee and locked my phone in the car. I had a set of keys in my hand that did not open the door. Finally the owner was able to open it. Not before having a huge meltdown with the BB guy who was completely not getting the direness of the situation. On the road again, we were able to get the old car towed after being shaken down by the tow truck driver. Wee geek made money on the seats and then on the car. So he was happy and able to give money to gramma for his car, too. On the way home, 275 was a freaking parking lot and it took 2 hours to go 2 miles. We got off and ate with the BB guy bitching and whining all the way. His attitude didn’t really help. It just always seems that when it’s his kids, we can never go too far, but the tiniest things are huge inconveniences for mine. And we can never do enough for not kid. I wish I understood the driving forces behind the male penis occasionally.  I will never know, though.

So, dear reader, I will leave you with all these wonderful jumbled up thoughts.  Make of them what you will and as always, use your evil powers for good!