Errmegahd…Stories from the Land of Drama

bth_authentic-drama-queen  So all of us have these acquaintances that are drama magnets. You know the ones. That person who is always fishing for a compliment. The one who is always begging for positive feedback. The one who is always accusing others of hating on him/her. The one that posts their whole life on Facebook and then gets angry when people comment in anyway that is less than flattering or sympathetic.  I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that it’s okay to be a drama queen occasionally. We all do it. There is always a moment in life that stresses us to the extreme or catches us unawares and in a complete mess.

What I am talking about, though, is those people in our life that are always in crisis. The ones that can’t cope without something being wrong. The people that are never satisfied with a life that just goes along. They have to have some drama in order to feel normal. It’s a sad state, I agree, but it happens.

Drama queens tend to flock apart, too many of them in one place would cause some sort of mass implosion is my theory. There’s one in every bunch. They do tend to have some recognizable traits. They have horrid backgrounds that can’t really be verified or traced. It helps if they’ve killed their entire families in some ways or had massive government interference. Conspiracies abound. Everyone is out to get them in some way. It doesn’t even matter if they’ve somehow brought the drama on themselves.  This brings us to trait number two. Everyone is against them in some way. If you aren’t blindly agreeing with them and stroking their egos, then you must be against them.  This causes a whole new tirade of hatefulness on Facebook. Usually this hatefulness is directed at people who are directing hatefulness at them. I suspect that most of the supposed haters are imaginary. The drama queens I know seem to always be fending off phone calls from people who are accusing them of lying, cheating or otherwise degrading them in some way.  The other half of the time, they are ignoring emails from these same people. I wonder where these people get their phone numbers and email addresses.

I wish I had as many critics in life. That many critics would mean that someone out there was reading my stuff and thought enough about it that they had to criticize it. That’s some great feedback. It takes time to track someone down to bitch about their stuff. It’s really hard to not get sucked into the drama. My main problem is that I start wanting to fact check. The drama queens that I know are forever changing their stories, altering the timelines, and killing off people more than once. I always want to ask how many times one’s relative can die or how many times one puts up with “anonymous” phone calls and emails before they change their phone numbers or email addresses. Or…now here’s a crazy thought in this day of technology, block them.

I have enough stupidity and drama in my life. I don’t need to read about yours. Especially since yours is self manufactured and imaginary. I’m drawn to it like a train wreck occasionally. I won’t lie. I even laugh about it. Occasionally. It’s too fantastic.  I know, it’s a crazy rant tonight. But I just had enough and had to tell someone. So, you my lovely loyal readers are the ones.

Let’s say no to drama. I’m calling you out. You know who you are I suppose. Although you would never admit it. Or maybe you don’t know. Could it be that you don’t know? Or do you think this blog is about you?

All of you who know a drama queen. say no. Call them out. Tell them to go to hell. Tell them to get over themselves. Who’s with me?