Another day in my surreal autistic life

It’s been a pretty exciting last month. Getting published and having Kale back in my life has certainly done wonders for my morale and well being. Although, I could do without the roller coaster ride of not knowing what’s going on with the court system and getting his college paid for.
I guess it’s just another way for the court to prove to me that they have more control over my life than I do, which as some of you might have guessed is absolutely intolerable in an autistic world.
I finally get an order to stop child support and then they slam me with an order to garnish my wages for an absolutely fictitious accounting of lawyer fees. Why are lawyers such bottom feeding whores? (Sorry, should have used my inside voice for that comment, it’s just that it’s so hard to keep that voice under control when I’m this frustrated with everything). How they expect me to help my son with college when his dad isn’t helping and pay 25% of my “disposable income” to a whore lawyer, I will never understand.
That’s another thing that irks me. WTF is disposable income? I am pretty damn sure that I don’t have any of that and if I did I could damn sure thing of better things to do with it than give it to some worthless lawyer. Sigh.
So, book sales are going pretty well. I’ve sold 50 books my self. Well, almost 50. So, we will see where that gets us….lol.
I’m pretty irked at the system in general for once again letting my ex off Scott-free, now I know where that term came from. He’s never had to pay for his ill and pathological behaviours in any way. They have always rewarded him for being a complete and total ass. Wow does that realisation bring my life into perspective. Not lol.
So, my ex will once again try and get out of contributing anything to Kale’s education whatsoever, or try to put some ridiculous constraints on it. Can you imagine them ordering an almost 20 year old to visit with a parent that he wishes dead? Mark my words, however, this is how that will go.
So, I’m trying to figure out how they made an accounting of the child support file and of course, am getting absolutely nowhere. Because no one in Delaware County seems to actually understand how math works.
I am just in a frenzy for some Delaware county (insert appropriate word here for yourself, because I’m sure there’s nothing that I can list here that will not get me put in jail) something.
So, dearest readers, contact me for payment info on the book, I promise that all profits go to helping my starving artist to stay in school.
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