Now that everything is broken, who stole my fucking glue?

I know, I know. It’s been forever. Things in my world seem to stand absolutely fucking still or whirl around like a tornado on meth. I have started year 2. I’ve actually made it through a bunch of seconds. Good for me. I still don’t own my house. I’m still stranded in Dipshitville, Indiana. By a dead guy.

So the big things. I am still scurrying around trying to make the shop make money. The next month is full of website revamps, new merchandise, training Wee Geek to be an employee, and madly looking for conventions that get what I do.

Other big things. I fired my piece of shit lawyer who was some evil mix of incompetence, stupidity, and just plain laziness. The new lawyer tried to tell me that it was that he was not intrinsically motivated to complete things that require executive functioning skills. I do believe that’s lawyer speak for fucking lazy. So the new lawyer promises I will own my house in 90 days. I just have to trust him to do some negotiating and pay everything off. The old lawyer would shrug his shoulders and tell me to let the bank foreclose. Fuck that, I need somewhere to live, jackass! I do not know how this will actually pan out because my experience with lawyers is not good. Long time readers know that I can speak fairly expertly on this topic.

Wee Geek is having to make some decidedly huge changes in his life. I am looking forward to this. However, the last month has reared a heads up of ugly truths that we will have to deal with. I realised that life with the Fixitguy has made me somewhat complacently trustful of people which has done nothing but cost me money. So trust issues that I had forgotten have popped up once more. Also, Wee Geek has had to face some of his own demons. A brief stint in hospital has put him on track with some good meds that seem to be helping with the depression and closing off the huge black hole that threatens to eat his soul for a bite size snack. It has also put some intervention in his path. So we have him set up for some counseling that we hope will get him through this hiccup. It has also forced him to think very pointedly about what he wants to be when he grows up besides Mom’s Indentured Servant, which truthfully is his life for a little while, but one that I hope he can drag himself out of sooner rather than later. He had a job shadow through his vocational rehabilitation services that seems to actually be the one. I have always wanted him to do something with his art and this may be his shot. He shadowed a tattoo artist the other day and really felt like this would fit him. I think it will too. Plus it has gotten him drawing again. WIN! Insert happy dance here.

I discovered that every month has indeed got a 24th. I kinna skated by it in December because I went to visit the maternal unit for a week over Christmas and was super busy. Long time readers will be interested to know that I visited my brother over this time who has made a decidedly concerted and concentrated effort to be in my life since the Fixitguy left me alone on this earthly plane. We are more alike than different on some things and worlds apart on others. But I feel like he is accepting of me for the general wacky chick I am and that is a good thing. He needed a little diversity in his life. Lol.

I feel life gliding by. I fill my evenings with crafts and with Wee Geek moving back home somewhat permanently for the time being, the craft supply hoard must get itself under control somehow. What that actually means is that life without the Fixitguy, although occasionally floundery, is starting to merge into some new pattern that perhaps he was training me for over all these years. I realised today that February 5th would have been our 15th wedding anniversary. Sigh.

There feels as if there have been many things that have happened. My UFOconspiracyfriend was hit by a car in downtown Dipshitville. Broke his arm in several places, but he is on the mend after a surgery. He is also bored our of his brain. Poor guy. I have not been a good friend with all of Wee Geek’s stuff, but we will soon be back on track with that as well. I have lots of crochet projects. I have orders for pink kitty cat hats and shark slippers which should keep me busy for a few weeks! So slowly things are happening with the shop.

So dear readers, watch out when crossing the road in Dipshitville, watch for updates to the shop, and cross your fingers for Wee Geek.

Anniversaries and Rewrites: Such Stuff as Nightmares are Made off

For those of you who were at last posting and just praying for the Best Buy guy not to fuck it up,  he managed not to. After a late start off, we managed to get a great discount on a hotel through a local radio station for Saturday and the hotel room we had on Sunday was just beautiful.



Truly the stuff that you hope will be in your dreams.  We trolled through antique stores and Goodwills, a couple of thrift stores and even the Deusenburg Museum in Auburn. A brief trip to what’s left of the outlet mall in Fremont yielded super cute boots at a super price. We actually didn’t want to come home.
It did serve to mull some other things about as well. I continue to get closer and closer to the idea of writing full time and I continue to be more and more frustrated by life’s ways of impeding getting any writing done at all.
So the story board made it’s way downstairs and is now propped up on the second sofa with the first chapter partially rewritten and synopsized on post it notes.
I have to say that all of the Best Buy guy’s running out to play rockstar fueled a great deal if last night’s progress. That too is frustrating. I would like to get Wee Geek’s room cleaned out and a more suitable writing area set up. That was indeed my goal over Christmas, but I guess that I will have to wait for Wee Geek to return home again to undertake that. I truly enjoyed just hanging out with him over Christmas and maybe I can get him back for that again some weekend soon.
It’s been very interesting trying to mesh being the mother of a 15 year old with being the parent if this young man who just needs a little gentle guidance along the path and occasionally out of the mire.
So onward we go. I am into the swing of the rewrites now, so I expect things to move along pretty well. Afterall, I have two really good bits if this zombie story and I think that making them two halves of the same story might actually be the answer. Along with letting Kaden tell his own story of the apocalypse. So if I’m off the grid again for a little bit, pray it’s because I’m doing rewrites!