Context 27 and other moments of awesomeness

Hello, dear loyal readers. I hope that your fall has been a nice little and mild introduction to what is promising to be another horrible winter. The summer was mild here. But harsh in rejection land. Everything I sent out was rejected. Except for two


This is an interesting non fiction article about the slender man.


This contains my two flash fiction stories “They Taste Better With Ketchup” and “Unionized Freaks”.

Those are the the two big things. Outside of Context. This was an amazing experience! I met other Post Mortem Press authors that I hadn’t met in real life. I also got to commune with other PMP authors that I knew already. I went to lots of panels some okay, most great. I went to 3 classes that I am so glad I went to. They were all 3 fantastic. The highlight of the weekend was meeting Jonathan Maberry.


I took a class from him. But then he also

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