How Do You Help A Small Press Author Get Somewhere?

I know that you as loyal readers have all been wondering how you can help a small independent press author to make some money. Because this will shortly be your favourite author….ME!!!!

My publisher is Post Mortem Press. It’s a small independent press based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s headed by the nicest of guys called Eric Beebe. Post Mortem Press is a great press to work for. Eric knocks himself for each of his author and tries to make sure that we get the most that we can get out of being published with him. Post Mortem Press feels like a great family to belong to. For the first time in my life, I am surrounded by people who sit around and think the same weird shit that I do all day long. As a lifelong weird kid, this is the best possible feeling in the universe.

Now every book that Post Mortem Press works on has a very specific marketing plan developed for it. Post Mortem Press works hard to create plans that will afford the maximum amount of exposure and awareness for that title and author. This means that the author has to be willing to put themselves out there, not only for themselves, but for Post Mortem Press and sometimes, dearest fans, for other authors.

I’m personally thrilled every time that someone is lucky enough to join our demented little family.

In the spirit of trying to expand the marketing budget for some of the titles that will be coming out this year, we are trying something new.  It’s a campaign to raise funds to expand the marketing. It’s an indiegogo campaign so click on the words “indiegogo campaign” or the title of the book at the end of this sentence to go to the campaign for The Purple Heart Detective Agency.

The hope is that Eric can raise enough funds to put the book in places that we wouldn’t normally see a Post Mortem Press title like at the movies. Can’t you imagine my book on the screen at AMC in Marion? It would be awesome (much singing and dancing should be imagined here). There are great perks to contributing to a Post Mortem Press campaign. Your name can be in the book! Well, in the acknowledgements. Or you could be the bad guy in the novel! That’s worth it, right there! You can get in on the ground floor for as little as $10 which gets you an advance eBook. Go and check out this unique opportunity. I will be posting a review of this book soon. So watch this space!

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  1. Rock Neelly
    Jan 19, 2015 @ 16:17:25

    Thanks, Katey Jane, for giving a little love for The Purple Heart Detective Agency. –Rock Neelly


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