On the Cusp of a New Universe

Well, it’s been a while faithful readers. I know this. It’s been busy around the land of the not quite right. I finished a teaching assignment yesterday and got the first definitive “no” answer to my first set of applications for new jobs. I don’t know what’s next. I didn’t know what might be 6 months ago when I came upon this opportunity and miracles abound, I still have no idea. I am reveling in the irony of the fact that my first day of being unemployed, I am lying in sick. Sigh.

I am getting excited about the idea of diving back into getting this novel edited and out the door in some shape or form. I am anxious to start making a living with this little craft. I’m pretty excited about doing some of these crafts that have been lying about and trying to make a go of something to do with them. I have long had this idea of supplying some sort of thing that teachers can’t live without, but I can’t figure out what that is!

The unemployed guy actually suggested a nice lie in with no stress today to try and recuperate. I wonder how long I can milk this, now! It’s interesting being in this place. I’ve never quit a job and had it work out for me and I really don’t have many expectations that the track record might change. After all, the hubs has been out of work since July and not really doing much. So we are at a place that we never have been in or expected to be in. Who would think that at this place in our lives that we would be both without jobs and without insurance, trying to figure out what is next in our lives? I’m a little breathless, but excited, too.

We are both feeling as if we need to do something creative. We just have no idea what that is going to look like. Well, I have a few ideas. There are just so many things to do! I love the idea of being more creative and living from that creativity. We’ve been busy movie going again and now that I’ve filled up the memory space on the Ipad, I need to get some reading done. I think that taking off for a week to just think and take a little breath is a good idea. I guess I’ll go and file for unemployment on Monday and then start putting in applications again. I wish I had more of an idea of what I really wanted. I do have a little idea, but it involves more school and that sounds too hard and like too much work. But it would align with what I really have found talent in doing.

We can follow our dreams, but we often cannot pick the length of the road that it takes us to realise them. I thought that I wanted one thing from life and it has proven to be pretty frustrating. So, maybe it really is time to put it down and move on to some other part of that dream.

I guess I will go and forage for lunch and see if something jumps out at me in the next few weeks. Hold on to your hats readers, maybe there is something good in the future and something that will put us on a road that we didn’t expect to be on.