Anniversaries and Rewrites: Such Stuff as Nightmares are Made off

For those of you who were at last posting and just praying for the Best Buy guy not to fuck it up,  he managed not to. After a late start off, we managed to get a great discount on a hotel through a local radio station for Saturday and the hotel room we had on Sunday was just beautiful.



Truly the stuff that you hope will be in your dreams.  We trolled through antique stores and Goodwills, a couple of thrift stores and even the Deusenburg Museum in Auburn. A brief trip to what’s left of the outlet mall in Fremont yielded super cute boots at a super price. We actually didn’t want to come home.
It did serve to mull some other things about as well. I continue to get closer and closer to the idea of writing full time and I continue to be more and more frustrated by life’s ways of impeding getting any writing done at all.
So the story board made it’s way downstairs and is now propped up on the second sofa with the first chapter partially rewritten and synopsized on post it notes.
I have to say that all of the Best Buy guy’s running out to play rockstar fueled a great deal if last night’s progress. That too is frustrating. I would like to get Wee Geek’s room cleaned out and a more suitable writing area set up. That was indeed my goal over Christmas, but I guess that I will have to wait for Wee Geek to return home again to undertake that. I truly enjoyed just hanging out with him over Christmas and maybe I can get him back for that again some weekend soon.
It’s been very interesting trying to mesh being the mother of a 15 year old with being the parent if this young man who just needs a little gentle guidance along the path and occasionally out of the mire.
So onward we go. I am into the swing of the rewrites now, so I expect things to move along pretty well. Afterall, I have two really good bits if this zombie story and I think that making them two halves of the same story might actually be the answer. Along with letting Kaden tell his own story of the apocalypse. So if I’m off the grid again for a little bit, pray it’s because I’m doing rewrites!

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