No cookie cutter people here and other trench stories

Today Wee Geek called and worried over being different. He said that sometimes he hated that he didn’t think like other people. This is a legitimate complaint. No one wants to be the weird guy. Not understanding social cues sucks sometimes. That’s just the way our lives are.  He wished he was a cookie cutter boy.

So 5 years of his dad denying his Asperger’s did served to do nothing for anyone but Scott. He can pat himself on the ass that he was able to ignore the issues and he does not have to say that Wee Geek is broken. On the other hand, Wee Geek has lost 5 valuable years of documentation of his disability. He has essentially been deemed as ineligible for services that would be very valuable to him.

This frustrates me more than anything else. Had he still been with us, he would have been through the VR process and be getting the services that would be helpful. I don’t understand this monumental show of complete and utter selfishness. All so you can say what a good dad you are. Good job, ex husband, you’re an asshole.

So in the midst of this I watched the new Kieffer Sutherland show “Touch”. This was a brilliant show and obviously done by some one who is pretty familiar with the more intimate aspects of living on, near, or vaguely in the vicinity of the spectrum. It reminded me that our brain functioning is truly a gift. We think in pictures and patterns. And to us, it makes no sense to think linearly.  Everything is connected. You just have to know where, when, and how to look for those connections. Patterns are irrefutable and prolly explain why we are so bound by routines. The patterns are so comfortable and secure.

There also seems to be a lot of people making connections between people on the spectrum and electromagnetic waves. This is interesting to me. It could explain why patterns affect us so deeply. It may also explain why we are so drawn to them. It is definitely research worth watching.

I hope that Wee Geek starts to remember what a wonderful piece of machinery his brain is. Cookie cutter people are boring. One thing that you can say about living in the land of the not quite right is that we are NEVER boring!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep his head up. It seems as if all the odds are stunningly stacked against him. I’m amazed that he can stay steady at all some days. I admire how strong he is. He’s turned out to be a he’ll of a kid. I am a very lucky mom.

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