Trench posting 101

Wow, once again time has just sped past me again in a speed that is somewhat faster than breakneck and only a few miles per hour slower than Mach 5.
Things progress with my son and he is growing more used to the Asperger’s diagnosis and trying to navigate the services he may need. We got a call from Vocational Rehabilitation today asking for more info so that seems good.
We have sat through 3 days if training and my brain feels somewhere between totally fried and numb with exhaustion.
But something popped into my brain today. I know I’m more sensitive because I grew up completely weird and always left out of things because I’m weird. It wasn’t just school or social stuff. It felt like everything in life went by me in some demented puzzle that I would forever be unable to open or unlock. It still feels like sometimes, but I cover it up a lot better and it looks more normal now.
So there’s been a couple of things happen lately that I just wanted to talk about. The first one is about differences. We all know who I’m talking about. And since it’s my blog, I feel okay with saying it’s about me. The first thing that I want to clear up is that at this stage in the game of life, I’m pretty cognizant that I’m weird. It’s not a secret to me. So when your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and sordid other little people in your life point out that I’m different, don’t hush them. Tell them that it takes lits of different people to make the world the wonderful place that it is. I’m not wrong because I’m different. I’m just different.
By the same token, stop telling kids that we’re all different in our own special way. We’re not. And don’t patronize me by saying that of course we all have something weird about us. We don’t. The world needs cookie cutter people who always follow the rules and always get the social stuff. It needs those people who never rock the boat just as much as it needs those of us who either rock the boat or bedazzle it!
If everyone were unique or special or weird or whatever euphemism you want to use, the world would not function. We have to all do something that uses our talents to the utmost. It just looks different. Frankly, if I wasn’t here giving you my little odd and witty takes on life, you would just sit bored all day. Think about it.
So next time, dear reader, you run across someone who makes you uncomfortable because they are different from you, remember that without us people who shake things up, everything would stay the same always. I know you expect me , in all my autistic splendor to be the first one in line for that boat, but I’m not. I don’t want things to stay the same. Because even though that means things will not change and by virtue of that, they won’t get worse, it also means they won’t get any better. You decide!

The Eve of Things to Come

So, it has been a wonderful and bizarrely surreal life in the last few weeks since I last posted.
The book “Dead Souls” is at full tilt and I now have 2 signings coming up. The first is on October 29th at Barnes and Noble in Jefferson Point in Fort Wayne. I’ll be there from 10-5.  Then on October 31st, I will be at TCB Games from 2-5. That’s in the Five Points Mall in Marion.

As you can tell, it’s been a pretty busy month. We’ve also been trying to negotiate all of the crap that my ex left behind when he kicked my son out. It’s not been fun. However, there’s been a bright spot. I am reasonably sure my ex is dead. He had to send me a refund check and I’m pretty sure that had to of killed him. I hear the lovely black hole of injustice that is Delaware County has a refund check for me as well. So that leaves a little over $1000 left unaccounted for. I hope they figure that part out soon.

We have an appointment with Vocational Rehabilitation on Monday, so hopefully that will solve some of these immediate issues. My son is slowly getting used to the idea of being autistic again. I think it was the cookies that attracted him. (As in, come to the dark side, we have cookies.) This is a big step for him, coming back around to a world where he’s okay for just being the wonderfully great guy he is. In a way, it is revisiting the dark side, I suppose.

In other news, we are finally getting a daughter off the payroll, in a sense. We were lucky enough to have the Best Buy guy’s oldest daughter meet a really great guy and he planned an elaborate scheme to propose. He actually wrote her a song and made sure that all of her family was there. It really was amazing.

In the course of the evening, I found out that I have garnered a fan that I didn’t even know I had. Apparently, that comes with the territory. It’s interesting to have people tell me that they read my blog. Frankly, I never know what the right response to that is.  There must be some neurotypical socially correct way to respond, I’m just at a total loss for what that might be. The other part of these large gatherings is remembering all the rules and being able to apply them. First of all, it’s a room full of strange people that I don’t know all that well, and being acutely aware that I am the only social weirdo there. It’s difficult having lots of people introduce themselves to you and being unable to remember anyone’s name because their faces all look alike to me. Then there is the idea of conversing with them. What a freaking social convention nightmare. What do you say? When do you say it? How long a pause is normal? What do you say in response to things? I swear I am completely overloaded just trying to keep all the social conventions in my head and then remembering that I must supply an answer that is congruent to the conversation. Just typing it, makes me want to throw up.  The only way to describe it all is: exhausting.

Then there was this small nightmare of introducing people and explaining to the future son-in-law’s mother how all of these people fit in with each other. Imagine the nightmare of explaining not-kid…whew I narrowly avoided that!

Look forward to some Halloween topics and updates on the planning for the insanity of NaNoWriMo! It is only 16 days away!