Did Asperger’s suddenly become synonomous with retarded?

It’s been a fun time since they kicked my appeal out of the State court. I would have thought that since I’m making $1500 a month less than I was the last time we were in court that they would just thank their lucky stars and move on. But no. My slimy ex-husband now thinks that I should pay his legal fees for the appeal. I mean,seriously. Does this fall under balls the size of Texas or what?
It’s amazing how he continues to prove that this is all about getting back at me and not a single thing about my son. He’s managed to make sure that my son is so afraid of him that he never tries to contact me. I find the entire situation so ridiculous and appalling that I am continuously torn between laughing and crying on a daily basis. At any rate it definitely falls under the too stupid to live category.
I am constantly asking myself how he gets out of bed every morning. But then I remember that he is a gigantic piece of slime. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this stupidity is being entertained. Going to court in Delaware County is nothing short of a deluded exercise in stupidity.
I keep counting all the ways that my ex-slime continues to try and punish me for leaving him. I just keep wondering when it will be enough. I guess when you are plotting revenge on this level, it’s never enough. It’s sad, really.
In the mean time, I’m expecting to walk back into court and forget that the judge said my disability made me retarded. Who in this day and age still thinks that way? The terms disability and retarded are not interchangeable. I don’t care who says it. There are many capabilities in this world. People who discount others because of their own misguided perceptions and misconceptions than anyone with a disability. When you think about it, who truly has the disability here?