Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (or stuff I wish I could do)

For you poor misguided souls in my audience who have not had the pleasure of witnessing this movie, then you should…go and see it I mean.  It’s directed by Edgar Wright, dear friend of Simon Pegg of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” fame, so technically, we cannot go wrong here.

Scott Pilgrim is pure OMG WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT IN REAL LIFE?-goodness.  Scott is played by Michael Cera, you may remember him as the ever moping teenage dad in “Juno”.  Don’t get your hopes up.  He is still perpetualing moaning about life as a guy perching on the edge of adulthood and too scared to take the plunge.  But in a good way.  Well, sort of.  It looks iffy at the beginning.  He’s 23, out of high school, out of employment, and in a rock band.

Scott Pilgrim NEVER gets it right.  EVER.  At the onset of the movie he is moaning about his lost relationship with a girl who we find out is the lead singer of some band that went mega-crazy-big and is now dating a girl who is still in high school.  He further degrades himself by actually picking her up at high school one day.  So, poor Scott is wandering through life, lost and with the LOSER sticker just hovering over his head awaiting fixation to his ass.

Until he meets HER.  Her is Ramona Flowers.  She is the lady of perpetually changing hair color.  She is the girl that you are afraid to touch because she is so potentially cool, that you can just never hope to compete.  And I don’t mean in a “I’m the head cheerleader and I am untouchable” kinna cool.  I mean truly cool.  The girl that makes you realise later in life that if you don’t at least know her, you cannot ever claim that that you had any reason to live whatsoever.  She is the cool cousin who made your first mix tape and showed you how to sneek alcohol and cigarettes at family gatherings. 

Scott dreams about Ramona and then ends up meeting her at a party.  Let me tell you that he is positively the most not rememberable guy she meets.  However, somehow they end up with their worlds colliding and Scott finds out that in order to have Ramona, he must defeat her seven evil exes.  Now Scott does spend a huge amount of time whining about doing this to her evil ex-boyfriends, but is always quickly shot down with evil exes.  Not much brain scientist foreshadowing there.

The exes range in amounts of sheer unbelievable stupidity, however, this somehow adds to the wonderfulness of it all.  When he defeats evil exes they explode into coins (think Mario Brothers games) and the coins land in the shapes of the people.  Tell me that’s not hilarious!  Oh, he’s also allowed to do fantastically super cool comic book hero moves (think the worst of Batman the series with the Ka-pows, etc., spelled out for you) combined with the greatness of video games with power ups and extra lives.  Go ahead and try and tell me that you don’t wish that all of these things would happen to you.  I will laugh.

I won’t give away the ending because frankly it’s NOT rocket science and you can figure it out.  But if you want a fun little date movie that is too funny for words or just a great movie to take your kids to, this is THE ONE.

The under current of this, is of course, that although my husband is a great guy to see movies with SOMETIMES, I really missed my son in all of this.  We loved to go and see comic book epic movies and it just really cemented for me how much of a hole is inside of me where he used to be.  This so totally would have been a Saturday afternoon date for us.  Sigh.

Of course, on the Asperger’s side of things, just a warning….Scott Pilgrim is exactly how we think the world should really be.  I should get super duper coin bonuses when I knock you down, and I SO should be able to get a power up occasionally.  My OCD girlfriend, of course, has had great fun with her husband deciding what evil powers each of her exes would have, how they could be defeated, and even designing the costumes for them.  Well, she is nothing if not completely over the top, all of the time!  I’ve entertained this line of thought myself.  What powers would the truly evil people in my life have and how could I defeat them?  I skipped the whole costume thing, it seemed irrelevant.

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