Vindication with the IRS (reprint from a page)

Finally Something Goes My Way!

Well, I was a little vindicated today.  I got a letter from the IRS.  Now, I’m not brainless, I opened it with great amounts of trepidation and more than a little fear.

For those of you who know about my problems with the legal system and my son in the last three years, you will feel my victory as well. For those of you who don’t know, a brief synopsis: when my son was 15, I was in a prolonged support battle with his dad in which his dad had managed to continually distract the judge with visitation issues.  In the midst of all of this, my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (a kind of high functioning autism).  In May of 2007, my ex managed to get emergency custody of my son.  This was based on the fact that I had him diagnosed with autism and also because my son had not been doing well in school.  Now, anyone who would like to check can see clearly in the Indiana bylaws that bad grades is not a reason to change custody.  During this change, it was not taken into consideration that my son was on medications that should not go without being taken (it took a week to get meds to him).  My ex was also allowed to go to school and take my son without any intervention from anyone.  I won’t even repeat the scene at the school in which I tore 42 miles in 15 minutes between the courthouse and the school and I walked in to hear my son screaming for me and crying.  I was in panic and my son was in meltdown.  I have been subject to many injustices during the last 3 years, the least of which has had the end result of having no communication of a steady kind with my son for almost 2 years.  The most of which has been the fact that my ex takes home 4 times a week what I make and I pay only $30 less a week in support than he does.

So, the latest besides the bimonthly phone calls from my son that tell me what a horrible sick parent I was and how I abused my son is the tax issue. Which returns me to the first paragraph.  I claimed my son in 2007 because my ex was more than $5000 behind in support and so can’t legally claim him, anyway.  My ex took me to court and decided that he would convince the judge that I needed to change my taxes. Besides the fact that this would incur somewhere around $3000 in penalties on me, I found out from the IRS that a county court judge cannot order me to change my taxes.  This has to come from a federal judge.  So, I stood my ground and withstood  an audit.  The audit showed that I was not wrong and that I did not have to change my taxes.  I showed the judge the letter that said so and he basically ignored it.

In October,  I was supposed to go to court at the midmonth. The two days before court I spent throwing up.  This is one of the bad things about having Asperger’s.  Every little tiny bit of stress goes straight to my tummy, so of course, I was upset and could hardly function. After 3 years of watching me function under this unbelievable stress, my husband made an executive decision and told me to call the lawyer and tell him I was too sick to be there.  Which I did.  Hours later I was getting phonecalls asking where I was.  Two weeks later I was summoned to court again. This time, I took a coworker who was acting as my disability advocate.  The judge decided that I needed to go to jail.  At some point, I was in full meltdown when this happened so I can’t tell you when, I was forced to sign things that I have no idea about what they were and handcuffed to a chair.  Now, although I agree that the image of a 40 year old woman hugging a teddy bear and rocking while handcuffed by one wrist to a chair has a certain comic quality to it, it was by no means funny at the time.  After signing whatever they asked me to without knowing what it was, I was finally released.

In November, I received a letter from the IRS saying that they had reopened the audit because of the correspondence that they had received from me at the end of October.  I immediately called the IRS and told them that I could not be held legally responsible for the letter that they received because of the situation and I told them what the situation had been.

Today I received a letter that stated that the IRS was in error that they had even received a letter and that they were sorry that they had worried me or possibly inconvenienced me.  My guardian angel is finally looking out for me.  Something is finally going right for me.  I can’t hardly believe it. Could this year finally be looking up?  I’m almost afraid to hope.

Wee Geek will be 18 on Friday.  I hope that he’ll be able to start seeing things a little more clearly.  I hope that he’ll be able to start thinking about the things that I did do for him. That he’ll start to understand how I sacrificed things for him so that he could have a life free of all the crap that I divorced his dad to get away from.  I hope that he starts to sort out reality from the garbage that his dad tells him.  I don’t dare hope for much more than that, but it’s a small glimmer of light in all of this sea of hopelessness.

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