Writer’s Conference

Hello, world. For those of you who don’t read my Twitter and Facebook as religiously as you should and for those of you who only read my blog because I force feed it to you on Twitter and Facebook, know that I love you both. Back in May, I applied to get a scholarship to attend the Midwest Writer’s Conference at Ball State and I won! So here I am.
I look around and it seems to be a big room full of people who are really comfortable talking to each other and starting up conversations with others without any fear of reprise. Wow, I sure wish that I was them. But I’m not. I’m just an autistic zombie freak wearing a “Return of the Living Geeks tshirt. I’m looking around at peopel who are sort of dressed up and it’s a little odd. I keep thinking that it’s a conference and that dressing up thing seems a little silly. Oh well, here is me little Miss Totally Unconventional, pleased to meet you, and no, I don’t have a card.
It seems okay, so far, though. I listened to a speech that I’ve heard before and just like my little Asperger’s speech that I occasionally get asked to give, the jokes were all in the same places. It was actually sort of comforting. Should I tell Dennis Henseley that? Prolly not, but I know me, I’ll blurt it out in some completely inappropiate way at some point.
So, I’m excited about the prospect of this. Lone autistic in the room. There’s not 150 people in the room, so I know that I’m bound to be the only one in the room. There’s a blind guy. So, at least the disabilities quadrant is represented! Should I satisfy the PC people in the room and call him a man with blindness? Rest assured I get tired of hearing, lady with autism.
I’m looking forward to good things from this. Although I still feel as if I am woefully unprepared for the agent sessions and the manuscript evaluation. That downright frightens the hell out of me. But I figure that if I can put up with the Diamond Boobies, I can certainly put up with this. I’ve written garbage before and my little zombie novel is probably no different. But I had to try, right? It was important to do this at this moment fo some reason, so here I am.

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  1. Jenni
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 21:53:06

    Good luck!! I know you’ll do just fine!!! You didn’t talk to us right away, and we all enjoy you. =)


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