My ex’s poor wife…

I know, you are wondering if I’ve finally lost it.   But let me explain. Court again today.  Somehow my poor ex husband who makes $70,000 more a year than I do and never lived up to any of his obligations, has gotten a judge to order that I should pay 37% of his legal fees.  Now, why do I feel sorry for my ex’s wife?  It must be awful that he spends so much of his time figuring out ways to fuck me.  It’s almost epic how much time he must spend on this. 

The amount of illegal orders given on my case are almost epic in themselves.  Today, they tried to order that I must observe supervised visits with my 18 year old adult son.  Really, it’s ridiculous.  I have to keep reminded myself that some day this will be over.  I don’t feel like it ever will be, but I suppose it could happen.  They also want me to pay his lawyer what is the equivalent of one whole paycheck before the end of the month.  I’ve decided that they aren’t getting any more of my money.  They are already garnishing as much of my check as they can.  So, that’s what they get.

It’s entirely ridiculous.  The judge has contributed to my son being alienated from me and possibly ruining our relationship altogether.  My ex has been patted on the head time and time again for being an asshole.  I feel the need to do something.  I don’t know what.  But I think that it may involve me  picketing the courthouse non stop.  Any ideas that my lovely readers, all one or two of you may have, would be appreciated.

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