Musing about randomness…

I am musing about randomness because of the weird thing that happened today.  Not really weird, but a thing to ponder.  I never know how to behave when coworkers do things to help you.  I usually stay in my cube (see Rule #1) and don’t interact with the humans (see rule #2).  We are however, supposed to be putting together lists of things that we are supposed to use in Head Start every day.  I had no idea where this mysterious list was or how to get it.  So, my coworker who I have been blantantly tiptoeing around (not something I do well) and avoiding like the black plague, actually came to my rescue.  She provided me a list and then helped me put together one of the toy boxes as well as giving me her extra toys.  It was a moment in kindness that I just don’t understand.  I was pretty sure that she was avoiding me as much as I was avoiding her.

We had a gigantic meeting yesterday, and of course that involved me sitting in a room with 30 people and trying not to jump out of my skin all day.  When we were finally able to break for lunch, I ended up at my desk trying to recoup because I was completely over stimulated. This same coworker told me that I needed to be back in the meeting room, but I couldn’t.  I needed five minutes to defrag.  And so I was taking them.  I told her that I was over sensitized and needed to just sit by myself for a minute, got an odd look and went on.  It was an odd little moment.  So, I know the socially acceptable thing to do was to sit with my coworkers and be really excited about this “gathering”, but I’m not a gathering kind of person.

There are so many nuances of this office life thing that are WAY hard.

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