Two courts and my ex is still an asshole….

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think this was magically going to change. He’s always been a prick. It’s just that the prickness has just reached an entirely new diabolical level in the last few years.

So, I get told yesterday in court, that even though my son is 18, they still want me to observe supervised visitation.  Called the place that does that,  to find out that they can’t do that for a kid over 18 any longer.  So, now at this point, it’s up to my son to grow some freaking balls and realise that his dad cannot hurt him if he comes home.  I can guarantee that if his dad even thinks about coming near here I will make sure it is the last thing that he ever does.  Do you hear me?  I am not afraid of you anymore!

It’s ridiculous the way that they’ve let Scott prance through the court abusing the system and making them his bitch.  He feels very big and powerful right now, I am sure.  I don’t believe that my son believes anything that he says.  I do believe that he’s scared to death of his dad and that Scott has scared him beyond belief.  I’m sure he threatened him with the only thing that he truly was afraid of, losing me.

Well, Scott, you’ve done your worst.  You took away the best time of Wee Geek’s pre-adult life from me and you’ve managed to alienate him in your little sea of lies and deceit.  I will not be surprised if you wake up staring at a gun some morning.  He will get you back for all you’ve done to him.  He will cut you out of his life, just like you cut your dad out of yours.  He will pretend you are dead, just like you pretend your dad is dead.  You will deserve it.  You are worse than the worst name that I can think of.  You are more foul and horrid than anything that walks this planet.  Only one name seems to suit you and that is your own. It’s the only one awful enough to describe you.

Wee Geek, please come home.  I love you and miss you. I’ve never given up on you.  I will not make you turn to foul pretend churches to get a little bit of safety. You will not need it at home.  You are 18.  No one can stop you from doing anything. Not even your dad.  He says he can. He lies to you about what the court says and I’m sure that he shows you fake orders.  But the reality is that he is a tiny little man that uses the court to abuse both of us.  Don’t continue to let him control your brain. I gave you that beautiful odd thinking brain and nurtured it into being the wonderful creative machine that it is so that assholes like him could not punish you for being yourself. 

That’s exactly what he’s done. Punish you for being yourself.  Our drummer is not bad just because he doesn’t like to play what the rest of the band plays.  He’s fantastically different.  That’s what it takes to make a difference in this world.  Purple shoes and purple hair and purple streaks of weird running blatantly through normality and proclaiming, “I’m here.  Now fucking deal.”

You can do this.  You can leave.  You can be your very own person without the chains he likes to tie you up in.  I did it. I know you can too.  I love you.

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